25 thoughts on “Redneck Yacht Club – In the mud

  1. PRLI

    Look at them with their faggot ass southern flags. The south lost the damn
    war. They got destroyed. No slavery. No segregation. Black and White mixed,
    just how it should be. Hicks.

  2. Renagade1325

    I can’t stand fucking rednecks. I hate pretty much everything about them.
    Uneducated, bigoted, retards. Disgrace to the white race.

  3. jtorres93

    Well, aside from all negative talk about races and old wars and other
    irrelevant crap……that just looks like fun! I’m an off-road RC hobbyist,
    and I nearly lost my mind when I found a professional track was opening
    down the street from me. But this is my hobby, to the 100th power!

    I do like to play devils advocate from time to time, so let me pose this
    question…. if I had a truck to run here, and showed up to this huge fun
    mud puddle flying a California State Flag with a USA Flag and a Mexico Flag
    (representing my heritage and beliefs), would anyone have a problem?

    It’s just a question, I’ve never flown a flag other than a USA and
    California. My grandfather served in the Korean war, my uncle served in the
    Vietnam war, and my cousin is serving right now, I fly the flag for them,
    their sacrifices, and for their fellow soldiers & their families.

  4. TheActiveAssault

    The confederate stuff is silly. It isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

  5. karlos Acosta

    ya veo de donde viene el termino YANKEE COCHINO una duda menos jejejeje 

  6. Pashtun Pashtun

    stupid ass white people….only white sluts would be into this thing…such
    apish people…nothing but animals

  7. acidutzuh

    I guess that the south shall not rise again and thank god for that… never
    seen so many liters of inbred blood per square meter… 2 bad that they are
    not 2 dumb 2 breed…

  8. Jack Dawson

    drunk ignorant bitches and grown ass man playing in the mud like they ain’t
    got other shit to do

  9. isidro vazquez

    u guys should get big big guns and arm that drone with armor piercing
    bullets……then get grenades …rockets…..missiles….and form
    multicultural militia…thats what i would do with that kinda money…i
    mean ive seen u guys carrying rebel flag

  10. Jason Carto

    For as unsophisticated many commentators here are making these people, who
    are clearly just enjoying them selves and doing their own thing, they are
    using technology such as digital cameras AND drones to make the footage.

  11. Christian Laurin

    I am truly fascinated on how a conversation is begun that ends with “let’s
    drive through the mud”

  12. RhetoricalQuestion

    +HDBroadcaster Dotcom Just curious, how on earth did remove the propeller
    noise from the drone footage audio? I’m guessing separate microphones
    placed throughout the site and a sync later?

  13. Cody Holliman

    White people stand up. . Let’s ban togather and wipe out these muslim
    loving liberal pieces of shit….

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