25 thoughts on “Redneck Yacht Club Mud Park, Truck Races. Part 1

  1. DollabiIIz2

    There’s so many white folks here that the whole event should be nuked for
    the benefit of black people worldwide!

  2. Джип Бомба тюнинг 4х4 off-road 4x4 на мостах газ66 и арочные шины я170


  3. Johnny Solipsis

    I had more fun looking at the crowd. I thought it was a myth about
    overweight Americans but Jeez, at least half that crowd were as fat as

  4. mrpoppapill

    im not even into this sort of thing, but that truck that starts at 5:06
    jesus that one seemed on another level compared to the others :D

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