How Applications Are Helping Sailing?

Our friends who were at the Latitude of 38 magazines held on our favorite topics that are sailing apps. Have a look what they want to share in the issue of November 2018.

When asking this question why we sailing receives so much love and acceptance and we are about beginning waxing poetic. As to us, the attraction of the sailing the timeless art is that it renew our relationship with the simple era. It is stirring us to throw off the fetters of modern time and free people from the nonstop rattle of machinery as well as the buzz of recent and update electronic gadgets.

The exception the sailing apps is this is what. We won’t dream of going for a sail in the absence of that. No matter you are how old-school, you will be bound to become captivated with some of the maritime apps for sure. In-case for no different cause than that they could make people’s days in the sea safer, especially when the sailors are on blue water passages or at the time when they are sailing in the foreign waters. There are some popular apps sailors often use and these are highly recommended.


This is the application which is the go-to app and this app is for both offshore and coastal navigation. The app has a clean and tailored display. You can use this app installing in the fitted system in your boat or as a navy station computer and even on your smartphone. With the help of this app, sailors would take their boats in the water without any fear.

INAVX this is also a popular app and it enhances the chart functionality. “The way this app adds and edits the waypoints as well as creates courses is amazing. Sailors can spot check their using this app.”