Porto Montenegro Offers First Class Superyacht Facilities

The first marina in the world to win the 5 Gold Anchor Platinum accreditation is Port Montenegro.

This honor has been bestowed on the superyacht marina for offer great facilities for the superyachts. This Platinum accreditation is the brainchild of the Marina Industries Association (MIA) and the Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA). This award has been constituted to recognize and reward small marinas that meet the needs of the superyacht market. This is a great honor for a very small marina in Porto Montenegro.

Some of the important things that are needed by a marina to qualify for the new Platinum accreditation are best quality food and beverages, attractive landscapes and luxury facilities at the marina. These things are in abundance at the Port Montenegro and this is why it was chosen for this first ever award.

Jon White, the manager of TYHA said that the marina must also be offering world class and high-end customer service through dedicated and experienced concierge service to meet the needs of every captain, crew, guest and the owner.

The Porto Montenegro is a top class and full-fledged superyacht marina that has the capacity to hold up to 461 vessels. There are luxury hotels, residences, shopping centers, exclusive retailers, exotic and local food and beverage outlets and is also very close to the international airport. He said that the top end customer service offered by the dedicated concierge service was one of the main reasons why they chose to give the new Platinum accreditation to Porto Montenegro.

The team from two locations offered top end and highly impressive customer service round the clock meeting every need of the crew and the guests in general. The facilities on offer for the crew were beyond expectations and there were lots of activities in store for their leisure time. This is why Port Montenegro is a must visit superyacht marina.