Yacht Basin Drive work to go on as weather clears

The plan to raise the level of the roadbed next to Southport’s Yacht Basin would start very soon, after being held up by bad winter weather, said the city manager Kerry McDuffie on Tuesday.  McDuffie stated that if you are looking for a long-term, good quality job, the warmer it is, the better the paving will be. Paving during the winter is quite tough, even if it is the best time for them.
Last year, the city decided to raise the level of the mineral pitch on Yacht Basin Drive so that they could battle periodic tidal flooding which has plagued the region for many years.
Officials anticipate the higher road as well as modified drainage to ameliorate flooding in 90 to 95 percent of the examples of high water. Elixson and Sons Inc. will be in-charge of the work that must take 5 to 7 days to finish. McDuffie added that they have already issued permits. They are just waiting for the asphalt plant to open, and it must be very soon.

Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation crews are installing new lighting in that region as well, getting rid of existing poles and overhead wires this week. McDuffie also said that Elixson and Sons was also the low bidder on the plan to improve drainage on Davis Street, at a cost to the city of US$ 28000. That plan is expected to start in the coming weeks, and McDuffie told that the 2 projects might be dealt back to back.