The World Sailing Launches new Parasailing Strategies

The Para World Sailing Strategy that has been launched by the World Sailing summarizes their goals, tactics, and priorities for the Para World Sailing competition that will help in the growth of this discipline. The goals were launched at the Annual Conference 2019 held in Bermuda. The first and the most important of them is the increase of participation all over the world to 45 countries across 5 continents by 2023. The second goal for them would be to expand competition. Effective communication process and marketing is the third goal. To make rules and governance is the fourth and last goal for World Sailing. They will provide further insight because this sport aims to get included in the 2028 Paralympics Games in Los Angeles.

Secondly, the Para World Sailing 2020-2023 aims towards expanding the sailing competition to the Para Athletes. Recently, it has been seen that the competition program that is exclusively for Para Athletes have increased because of more classes that are available for them. This has helped to be a part of the Para World Sailing competition more. The World Sailing organization also aims to increase the number of Para Games regionally that will feature sailing and the awareness will widen across the globe.

Some amendments will be made for the Parasailing competition program between 2020 and 2023 for expanding it and also to support the aim of increasing the number of participants across the world to 45 countries. For supporting the Member National Authorities in the growth of Parasailing, World Sailing will start to support and encourage them so that they can establish championships. They will also support class championships by inclusive classes for their development. They will also ensure that Parasailing is totally inclusive and it does not get restricted to disciplines and events only in the sphere of Paralympics.