25 thoughts on “Redneck Yacht Club – Quadcopter cam

  1. Ambassador321

    A great view into a slice of the American pie. Very entertaining!
    A couple wins:
    1 – The Toyota at 6:30.
    2 – The rad black girl crushing stereotypes and having a blast.
    And then there is the guy (who pissed himself) helping the damsel in
    distress out of the mud with Mardi Gras beads. Nice effort, bro! 

  2. ScottsUtubeWorld

    Must be nice to have the freedom to have fun! I’m in California, where
    EVERYTHING is illegal. Don’t let this happen to you!

  3. Hooded Reptilian

    Smelly obese pigs and virgin Confederate racists???
    Hell no bitches! Not my type of place!

  4. alien hunter

    The crash wasn’t your fault …when u make a helicopter crash from rubber
    necking then people can bitch…till then keep on flyin! 

  5. mistertentpole

    Thanks for including proper ambient sound instead of whirring planes or
    music. Sounds awesome.

  6. truefoxxx

    People are free to enjoy their hobbies… but i personally don’t see the
    appeal on driving slowly in the mud. Maybe i’m messing something,
    Imagine these are all your neighbors… and you’re black. : ) ( Just a
    joke guys )

  7. Robert Rivera

    People are so negative let them have fun we only live once i enjoyed the
    video their is some hot chicks.

  8. Yota Form

    Lol Americans…. Go big go big go as BIG as you can and STILL get bogged.
    Come to Australia and learn a thing or two.

  9. Lord OfWar

    LOOKS LIKE FUN My deuce would love the mud got to love phantoms Just
    bought the new one myself as well nice video 

  10. brischultz

    I cant wait until electric motors take over. then I would be all over
    this! Great footage. 

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