25 thoughts on “Redneck Yacht Club – atvs, big trucks & swamp buggies

  1. Gustav Heinzelmann

    Mag für den einen oder anderen lustig sein. Mir zeigt dieses Video nur wie
    die Amis drauf sind. Alles zerstören ist die Devise. Primitiv bis auf die

  2. Marcus Inucamp

    Hell yeah! this should be the first thing white people do when we land on
    Mars. Fuck the haters… we’re the best!

  3. Foo L

    lol, since when do rednecks listen to hip-hop? This video was exactly as I
    expected hahahaha. Biiiiiig thumbs down… “redneck” and “yacht” don’t
    belong in the same sentence.

  4. Seventh Universe

    close your eyes and imagine it’s Serengeti
    oh and rednecks of today play hiphop and rap?

  5. Roberta Christeen

    most of the girls here need boob job they all sagging and flat mine are
    the best ever

  6. Risky Whiskey

    I don’t think I’m any better than any of these people in God’s eyes….but
    seriously, what is the point of it all?

  7. drakejdf

    love it.looks like a damn good mud slingin’ beer drinkin’ time with a bunch
    a’ good ole’ boys.

  8. shinrips

    Is this somehow supposed to make you more manly if your truck can go
    through a mud bog? Try to drive through and possibly get stuck. Rinse,
    redo. Is it supposed to make you more manly if you have a super tall truck
    with swampers and jacked suspension? What’s the attraction. To each their
    own. Works for them…I guess.

  9. RangerOfAlcyone

    WTF? Hip-hop at a redneck event? Get some f*cking taste people! At least
    play something classy and respectable like Coldplay or Armin Van Buuren.
    And also…stop trying to be so eager to please the Commies in the Democrat
    Party. Trotting out Black Conservative Spokesmen will not get you into
    their good graces. You’ll only continue to debase yourselves until the
    genocidal No Child Left White Policy is complete in turning America
    non-White. Forget the economy, forget Israel, and put all attention on
    fighting White Genocide! If you do that, then everything else will fall
    into place in your favor.

  10. Vagtastic Voyage

    I love everything else, but why I don’t understand is the rap music. Rap
    and white southerners don’t mix.

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