NYC Ready To Welcome Norwegian Escape

New York City (NYC) is expected to become home to cruise ship which is biggest in the World.

The Norwegian Escape is going to be shifted to NYC from Midtown Manhattan in April 2018.  The cruise line revealed on Wednesday that the giant cruise Norwegian Escape of 4,200-passenger capacity will start sailing from Midtown Manhattan. Presently the ship is located in Miami.

Norwegian said as if now it according to plan; the cruise will re-positioned to NYC and from here it will take seven-night voyages and it will end at Bermuda. This will take place in September 2018. After that ship will take another seven-night voyage and will sail from New York to first Bahamas and then to Florida. In addition to that longer voyages of cruise are also on the list it will be too early to speak about it.

Confirming the news about the shifting of cruise to New York City authorities says ‘The cruise will be sailed to NYC in 2018. The people of NYC are very excited and are ready to welcome Norwegian. The authorities further said, “All the arrangements for transportation of the cruise has been done and it will absolutely be a smooth and fun process.”

Though, the movement of giant cruise from Miami to New York City is scheduled in the year 2018. Yet, people are excited to give a warm welcome. The shifting of ship from Miami to NYC will be a big project and it will involve manpower too. Though, it is too early to say anything about the preparation and other things. Let the NYC people enjoy the news that one of the world’s largest ships is going to be in New York City.  The cruise will be certainly an attraction point for both locals of New York City as well as tourists.