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How Applications Are Helping Sailing?

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Our friends who were at the Latitude of 38 magazines held on our favorite topics that are sailing apps. Have a look what they want to share in the issue of November 2018.

When asking this question why we sailing receives so much love and acceptance and we are about beginning waxing poetic. As to us, the attraction of the sailing the timeless art is that it renew our relationship with the simple era. It is stirring us to throw off the fetters of modern time and free people from the nonstop rattle of machinery as well as the buzz of recent and update electronic gadgets.
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‘Hotel Transylvania 3’ Sailing To $40 Million-Plus Debut, ‘Skyscraper’ To Disappoint

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The weekend’s two box office openers are coming in a far cry apart, with “Hotel Transylvania 3” soaring to an estimated $41 million from 4,267 sites while Dwayne Johnson’s “Skyscraper” heads for a stale $25 million from 3,782 domestic locations.

“Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation’s” estimate places it at the top of the box office, with Disney-Marvel’s latest installment, “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” looking to nab the second place spot in its sophomore weekend with an estimated $28 million from 4,206 theaters. That leaves Universal’s “Skyscraper” in third.
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Malta Club Organizes Race

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This weekend saw the start of the 38th Rolex Middle Sea Race which is taking part in the Mediterranean waters. The start was a loud one with the artillery pieces, giving a blasting signal for the fleet to get into action. The fleet comprised of different kinds of yachts and many faced confusion as the races started, some getting underway before and having to restart while others get caught out in the beginning. However the start was a good one as the weather conditions were favorable and there was a breeze blowing at ten knots.


The fleet got off well and sailors settled in with the end destination being Capo Passero. The race is being managed by Royal Malta Yacht Club who would be ensuring that the teams sail safe on the waters and that every boat would be accounted for till the end of the race. The fleet moves over Mediterranean waters to the southeastern point along the coast of Sicily. After the race started it was found that the custom built yacht Rambler 88 was already in a leading position. Tricky currents as well as fickle winds were a problem on the first night, which was created by Mount Etna, which comes by on the course and has unique weather conditions of its own. The fleet can expect smooth sailing by Messina Strait. The club that monitors and organizes the race, the Royal Malta Yacht Club was founded in the year 1835. This Malta yacht club organizes different kinds of social activities and races through the year. It is located by Ta’ Xbiex Marina where it has a club like facilities on offer to the members with a marine and waterfront facilities. The club is a great base for local and other yachtsmen who come here and wish to sail in the surrounding waters.

Porto Montenegro Offers First Class Superyacht Facilities

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The first marina in the world to win the 5 Gold Anchor Platinum accreditation is Port Montenegro.

This honor has been bestowed on the superyacht marina for offer great facilities for the superyachts. This Platinum accreditation is the brainchild of the Marina Industries Association (MIA) and the Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA). This award has been constituted to recognize and reward small marinas that meet the needs of the superyacht market. This is a great honor for a very small marina in Porto Montenegro.

Some of the important things that are needed by a marina to qualify for the new Platinum accreditation are best quality food and beverages, attractive landscapes and luxury facilities at the marina. These things are in abundance at the Port Montenegro and this is why it was chosen for this first ever award.

Jon White, the manager of TYHA said that the marina must also be offering world class and high-end customer service through dedicated and experienced concierge service to meet the needs of every captain, crew, guest and the owner. Continue reading

Sailing Yacht A Gathers Attention

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Sailing Yacht A owned by Andrey Melnichenko has come under the spotlight after it was seized by port authorities over a dispute between pending payments to the shipbuilder.

It might be a reason for which the vessel has come under the spotlight and most people cannot help admiring the dimensions and features of this super yacht. The vessel looks like a sailing tank as per the kind of buildup it has. The vessel is 143 meters long. It had started to sail to be tested out in the open waters by the shores of Spain. The boat definitely has a sturdy design, akin to a floating fortress that can probably withstand a bomb blast if required.

It definitely has a futuristic design, though the looks and built are not akin to what a leisure super yacht would look like. However, one should not be disappointed with the bland appearance on the exterior as it is equipped to accommodate 54 crew members and has luxurious accommodations for about twenty guests. Continue reading

NYC Ready To Welcome Norwegian Escape

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New York City (NYC) is expected to become home to cruise ship which is biggest in the World.

The Norwegian Escape is going to be shifted to NYC from Midtown Manhattan in April 2018.  The cruise line revealed on Wednesday that the giant cruise Norwegian Escape of 4,200-passenger capacity will start sailing from Midtown Manhattan. Presently the ship is located in Miami.

Norwegian said as if now it according to plan; the cruise will re-positioned to NYC and from here it will take seven-night voyages and it will end at Bermuda. This will take place in September 2018. After that ship will take another seven-night voyage and will sail from New York to first Bahamas and then to Florida. In addition to that longer voyages of cruise are also on the list it will be too early to speak about it. Continue reading

The RC44 Cascais Cup

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The RC44 Cascais Cup that has been going on in Portugal is definitely providing several challenges to the crews as well as to the officials. The crews had to wait for the right winds on the water.

That is because the initial light breeze took time to build and hold a steady pace. That is required if a single race has to take place. Some of the management members saw that the Marina de Cascais had better wind conditions. Hence the course was alternatively laid in this area and the second and final race was made into a shoehorn. That helped to make it easy for the teams who raced under wind conditions of eight knots.

The seven boats on top had about five points separating them. Hence the leader board was bound to be upset by the end of the day. Peninsula Petroleum was leader of the regatta but the two top scorers upset this boat’s lead by the end of the day. Continue reading

Yacht Basin Drive work to go on as weather clears

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The plan to raise the level of the roadbed next to Southport’s Yacht Basin would start very soon, after being held up by bad winter weather, said the city manager Kerry McDuffie on Tuesday.  McDuffie stated that if you are looking for a long-term, good quality job, the warmer it is, the better the paving will be. Paving during the winter is quite tough, even if it is the best time for them.
Last year, the city decided to raise the level of the mineral pitch on Yacht Basin Drive so that they could battle periodic tidal flooding which has plagued the region for many years.
Officials anticipate the higher road as well as modified drainage to ameliorate flooding in 90 to 95 percent of the examples of high water. Elixson and Sons Inc. will be in-charge of the work that must take 5 to 7 days to finish. McDuffie added that they have already issued permits. They are just waiting for the asphalt plant to open, and it must be very soon.

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