The RC44 Cascais Cup

The RC44 Cascais Cup that has been going on in Portugal is definitely providing several challenges to the crews as well as to the officials. The crews had to wait for the right winds on the water.

That is because the initial light breeze took time to build and hold a steady pace. That is required if a single race has to take place. Some of the management members saw that the Marina de Cascais had better wind conditions. Hence the course was alternatively laid in this area and the second and final race was made into a shoehorn. That helped to make it easy for the teams who raced under wind conditions of eight knots.

The seven boats on top had about five points separating them. Hence the leader board was bound to be upset by the end of the day. Peninsula Petroleum was leader of the regatta but the two top scorers upset this boat’s lead by the end of the day.

CEEREF won the first race for the third time, which helped them break the habit of coming last in second races or in the fifth position. Lah’s team CEEREF felt that the race was a close one though the race on the previous day had been a close one. They were able to rectify the mistakes they had made previously. The first race of every day ended up being theirs. The tactician also felt that they had gained in the overall lead, which has taken a long time. However the team had been successful in winning four of the eight races that had been held over the last few days. CEEREF team is now planning the approach that they will take for the coming day as the points are compressed and they might lose to others. It is definitely an exciting day to look forward tomorrow.